Profiles Job Fit Assessment

Assessment Overview

The Profiles Job Fit Assessment (PJFA) is a highly customizable, three-in-one psychometric tool that measures the three critical job fit factors, namely cognitive ability, personality, and interests.


Cognitive Ability

The overall capacity for learning, reasoning, and problem-solving, and determines whether a person can do the job.


The tendencies of an individual to behave in a particular manner, and determines how a person will do the job.

Choose various behavioral traits from the Big Five-based personality domain:

  • Openness to Experience is the like of an individual to learn new things and enjoy new experiences and includes traits like being insightful, imaginative, and varied interests.
  • Conscientiousness is a person’s tendency to be reliable and prompt and includes being organized, methodical, and thorough.
  • Extraversion is a person’s tendency to get energy from interacting with others and includes being talkative, energetic, and assertive.
  • Agreeableness is the tendency to be friendly, kind, affectionate, sympathetic, cooperative, and compassionate.
  • Emotional Stability is the person’s ability to remain stable and balanced, which is the opposite of neuroticism wherein someone is prone to experiencing negative emotions most of the time.

Help in identifying activities that innately motivate a person and determine whether a person will like the job.

This uses the RIASEC-based interest domain that has a fixed six dimensions:

  • Realistic (R) or the Mechanical Career Cluster — Reflects an interest in working with tools, instruments, and mechanical or electrical equipment. It can include designing, building, repairing machinery, raising crops and animals, and the tendency to enjoy outside work.
  • Investigative (I) or the Technical and Science and Technology Career Cluster — Reflects an interest in investigating and attempting to understand phenomena in the natural sciences through reading, research, and discussion. Individuals with interests in this cluster like thinking and idea-related work activities such as searching for facts and problem-solving.
  • Artistic (A) or the Creative and Arts Career Cluster — Reflects an interest in painting, designing, singing, dancing, and writing, or the artistic appreciation of such activities. People who have interests belonging to this cluster like self-expression in their work and prefer settings where they can accomplish tasks without following a clear set of rules.
  • Social (S) or the People and Social Service Career Cluster — Reflects an interest in helping, enlightening, or serving others through teaching, counseling, working in service-oriented organizations, or engaging in social or political studies. It includes a preference to communicate, teach, advise, help, or service people.
  • Enterprising (E) or the Sales Career Cluster — Reflects an interest in persuading, influencing, directing, or motivating others through activities such as sales, supervision, and aspects of business management.
  • Conventional (C) or the Business, Administrative, and Financial Career Cluster — Reflects an interest in developing or maintaining accurate and orderly files, records, accounts, etc., and designing or following systematic procedures for performing business activities. People in this cluster prefer to work with precise standards and clear lines of authority.

Additional Information

The report from this assessment will

  • give you simple and straightforward definitions of each dimension to foster a better understanding of your candidates,
  • show you not only the scores of a person but also the things you can expect from them using accurate and easy to understand descriptions and narrations, and
  • go beyond assessment by providing coaching areas paired with constructive action plans and interventions for the applicant to support them on their next step in your organization.