Profiles Ability Profiler

Assessment Overview

The Profiles Ability Profiler is a cognitive assessment that can evaluate critical skills needed for specialized and technical positions. This assessment also indirectly measures attentiveness to details and communication, computation, analyzing, and problem-solving skills.


Profiles Ability Profiler Dimension: Arithmetic Reasoning

Arithmetic Reasoning

The ability to use several math skills and logical thinking to solve problems in everyday situations. It involves gathering and sorting through all information related to a problem, making educated guesses about how best to solve the problem, picking a likely way to solve it, and then explaining your decisions.

Profiles Ability Profiler Dimension: Verbal Ability

Verbal Ability

The ability to understand the meaning of words and use them effectively in good communication when you listen, speak, or write.

PAP Dimension: Spatial Ability

Spatial Ability

The ability to form pictures of objects in your mind. It involves easily understanding how drawings represent real objects and correctly imagining how parts fit together.

PAP Dimension: Computation


The ability to use arithmetic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to solve everyday problems involving numbers.

PAP Dimension: Clerical Perception

Clerical Perception

The ability to quickly and accurately see differences in detail in printed material. It involves noticing if there are mistakes in the text and numbers or if there are careless errors in working math problems. This ability measures “speed of perception,” which is required in many industrial jobs, even when these jobs do not have verbal or numerical content.

PAP Dimension: Form Perception

Form Perception

The ability to quickly and accurately see details in objects, pictures, or drawings. It involves noticing little differences in the shapes of figures, shading, lengths, and widths of lines.

Time Limit and Number of Items

Arithmetic Reasoning: 20 mins | 18 items
Vocabulary: 8 mins | 19 items
Three Dimensional Space: 8 mins | 20 items

Computation: 20 mins | 40 items
Name Comparison: 8 mins | 90 items
Object Matching: 8 mins | 42 items

Additional Information

Level: Rank and File/ Entry Level/ Technical/ Specialists/ Officer Level
Locally Normed: General Filipino working population and Management level population
Customisable Norms: Can conduct norming study based on own data
Automated Scoring: Results are received right after completion of test
Scores presented in Percentage and Percentile