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Studies show that employees are more engaged when assigned to jobs that match their thinking style, working style, and interests.

Hiring right enables organizations to build and sustain a strong and resilient workforce. Keep abreast of current trends and tools in ensuring job match.

For the past decade Profiles Asia Pacific has been offering the world’s most comprehensive job-match assessment tool, The ProfileXT® (PXT).

PXT not only measures 20 job-related individual characteristics of a person but also matches them against the “success profile” of the job involved.

This certification program provides in-depth insight for users or potential users of the instrument be it for

  • selection of new hires;
  • selection of those considered for promotion;
  • coaching for higher performance;
  • succession planning;
  • career planning; and
  • employee engagement.

  • Unit 1: Hiring Right
    • Current Trends in Talent Selection
    • Competency Development
    • Employee Engagement through Job-Matching


  • Unit 2: Introduction to the PXT
    • What is PXT?
    • Theoretical Foundation
    • Person-environment Fit
    • Person-environment Typology
    • Correlates of Ability and Job Success
    • PXT Sections
    • Scoring the PXT
    • Norming


  • Unit 3: The PXT Scales
    • The PXT Thinking Style Scales
    • Skill and Ability vs. Reasoning
    • The PXT Behavioural Traits Scales
      • PSA Critical Sales Behavior
    • The PXT Interests Scales
    • Scoring the Interests Section
    • Ipsative vs. Normative Items
    • The Distortion Scale
      • Appropriate Use of the Distortion Scale


  • Unit 4: Psychometric
    • Reliability
    • Test-retest
      • Alternative Forms
      • Split-halves
      • Internal Consistency
    • Validity
      • Construct Validity
      • Content Validity
      • Criterion-related Validity
    • Validity vs. Reliability


  • Unit 5: Building and Using Performance Models (Benchmarks)
    • Performance Models
      • Building Performance Models
      • Steps for Building a Performance Model
      • Data Needed to Build Performance Models
      • System Tools for Building Performance Models
      • Scale Width
    • The Job Match Percent
      • Understanding the Percentage Match to a Performance Model
      • Percent Match in the Interests Section
    • Effectiveness of Performance Models
    • Profiles Performance Model Library


  • Unit 6: PXT Reports
      • PXT Reports
      • Effective Use of the PXT Reports
      • PXT Components
    • References


  • Finale: Sneak Peek

Certification in this product will be achieved by participants who can complete the course and an open-book online exam at the end of the program.


This certification is a must-attend session for talent acquisition professionals, human resource practitioners, managers, consultants, OD practitioners, and managers to gain full mastery of the power of job-matching, the profiling tool, benchmarking, and its use in the facets of selection, management, development, and succession planning.

This certification will enable participants to maximize the use of different reports and the capability to make use of the data available in making important HR people management decisions and solutions.

Online DISC Certification Philippines Facilitator

Malcolm Pick is the National Director of The Profiles Group of Companies (TPG), which is composed of Profiles Asia Pacific, People Dynamics, and Emovation Inc.

As the national director of TPG, Malcolm oversees business development within the Asia-Pacific region including Guam.

He received his master’s degree in operational research and management studies from Imperial College London in the United Kingdom.

Prior to reaching that milestone, he obtained his college degree in mathematical physics from the University of Birmingham in England.

His broad business background includes over thirty years of international business experience covering Europe, Asia, and the USA.

He has worked for big names like Coopers and Lybrand, NCR, Levi Strauss, Reed International, and the SGV Group in Asia as partner in charge of computer consulting and computer training (I/ACT).


ProfileXT Certification Trainer — Kim Adaza

Kim Jane Alexis Adaza specializes in sales and marketing in the telecommunications, real estate, and human resource solutions industries for over 6 years and handles clients in the academe, government, and corporate sectors.

She is certified with Profiles International to coach and debrief professionals for personal and career development, as well as with GENOS International to deliver and coach applied emotional intelligence—these enable her to guide people to their full potential.

She graduated a bachelor’s degree in Management from the University of the Philippines Visayas Tacloban College and is pursuing graduate studies in Business Administration from the University of the Philippines Cebu.

Today, Kim serves as the Accounts Manager and HR Solutions Consultant for the Visayas and Mindanao clientele of Profiles Asia Pacific Inc., an ISO 9001:2015 Certified solutions provider and the pioneer and leader of online-based assessments in the Philippines.

Cancellations may be made one (1) week before the online certification program. Otherwise, if cancellation is made less than one (1) week before the online program, the participant will be charged 20% of the regular rate. Cancellations made a day before or no-show during the program will be charged 100% of the regular rate. No refunds but substitutions may be made at any time before the online program or the participant can opt to attend other programs of the same amount.

People Dynamics is an accredited Learning and Development Institution by Profiles International, LLC., Wiley, Genos International, Civil Service Commission, and the Professional Regulation Commission.


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