Assessment Overview

The DISC Flow® Assessment can be useful in the workplace, both in facilitating an employee’s personal development as well as promoting better group dynamics. It also provides different supplementary reports that are customized according to different client needs.


Item Response Format: Likert Scale

5-point Likert scale to which the test-taker will evaluate whether an item is Most Unlike Me, Unlike Me, Neither Unlike Me nor Like Me, Like Me, and Most Like Me.

Test Format: Self-report

The items are evaluated according to how closely these statements represent one’s general behavior.

Scoring Mechanism: Simple Summation

DISC Type:
Scores are computed for each 8 DISC dimensions. These raw scores are compared to their respective norms. Finally, the DISC Type is identified by picking the highest normed score among dimensions.

Emotional Intelligence (EI):
The score for each EI dimension (Self-awareness, and Awareness of Others) are summated. The raw scores are compared to their respective norms to interpret whether the score is considered as High, Moderate, or Low.

Furthermore, a global score for Emotional Intelligence is computed by summating the raw scores on both Self-awareness and Awareness of Others. The resulting score is compared to a norm which will be the basis for interpreting whether it implies a Potential, Developing, or Developed Emotional Intelligence.

Additional Features:

  • Provides a personalized report for the test-taker.
  • Provides a spider graph and bar graph representation for DISC results to illustrate the distribution of the scores per dimension.
  • Behavioural indicators as well as Coaching tips are provided for DISC, Emotional Intelligence, as well as DISC and EI sections.
  • Utilizes both DISC and Emotional Intelligence to create a more comprehensive description of the behavioral tendencies of the test-taker.
  • Supplementary reports that are designed to cater to specific needs of the client.
  • Exercises/activities included in the reports to facilitate discussion for personal development either between trainer and employee, or within the group/team.