Basic Mental Ability Assessment

Assessment Overview

The Basic Mental Ability Assessment (BMAA) measures one’s cognitive capabilities as demonstrated by critical skills needed for entry-level positions. This test also indirectly measures communication, computation, analyzing, and problem-solving skills.


Basic Mental Ability Assessment Dimension: Verbal Ability

Verbal Ability

One’s capability to comprehend and analyze information using the English language.

Basic Mental Ability Assessment Dimension: Numerical Ability

Numerical Ability

The ability to work with numbers to analyze complex problems through computations.

BMAA Dimension: Abstract Reasoning

Abstract Reasoning

The ability to form analogies, perform problem-solving, and complex comprehension of a provided stimulus.

Time Limit and Number of Items

Verbal Ability: 7 minutes | 15 items
Numerical Ability: 9 minutes | 15 items
Abstract Reasoning: 9 minutes | 15 items

Additional Information

Level: Rank and File / Entry Level/ Technical / Specialists / Officer Level
Locally Normed: General Filipino working population
Customisable Norms: Can conduct norming study based on own data
Automated Scoring: Results are received right after completion of test
Scores: Presented in percentage and percentile