Assessment Overview

The 360 Degree PLUS Feedback System is a multi-rater feedback tool designed to guide individuals in attaining professional and personal development. This tool compares the self ratings of an individual based on specified competencies to the ratings of individuals who regularly interact and observe the “ratee” in a work setting.


A total of 50 competencies divided into three categories:

  • Core Competencies (15)
  • Organizational Competencies (22)
  • Leadership Competencies (13)

Time Limit and Number of Items

(Average Completion time: Depends on how many competencies are being assessed)

Additional Information

Level: Supervisory/ Managerial/ Executive (as Ratees)
Customizable – select up to 10 competencies from core, organizational, and leadership
The raters are grouped into four types (360):

  • Boss
  • Direct Reports
  • Peers
  • Stakeholders

Also available in 180 (Self and Boss) and 90 (Self only)
Automated Scoring: Results are received right after completion of test
Extensive Reports showing behavioral indicators, coaching tips, and ability set for each competency that serves as the targeted behavior of the competency
Generates two kinds of report:

  • Individual Feedback Report (full report containing scores and narratives)
  • Critical Competency Alignment Report (alignment between Boss and Ratee)