PTV 4 2021 Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

Dear Public Viewers of PTV 4:

Good day! We are People Dynamics Inc. (PDI), and we have been commissioned by the People’s Television Network, Inc. to conduct its Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey for 2021. Shown below is PTV 4’s endorsement letter showing PTV 4’s authorization to PDI.

PDI is a third-party provider of consulting and survey services. This survey is being conducted independently from PTV 4. All information provided in the survey shall be used solely for the customer satisfaction survey project, and the data shall be reported as group data. The identity of the respondents shall not be disclosed by PDI to PTV 4.

As a valued public viewer of PTV 4, you are cordially invited to participate in the said survey to enable PTV 4 to help this state-owned network improve the delivery of its products and services, meet your expectations, and to serve you better.

PTV 4 2021 Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey Endorsement Letter
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Should you need further confirmation on the legitimacy of this survey, you may directly reach out to PTV 4.

For other questions and concerns on this survey, you may send your queries to us at PDI through or call us at (02) 8635 0016.