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Our History

People Dynamics, Inc. was formed in 2002 to offer Philippine employers top-notch HR services based on the products of Profiles International (for psychometric assessments) and skills tests from several American-based companies. This quickly developed into other related services, namely:

  • Job match assessment services for recruitment and OD
  • Interviewing
  • Learning and development products and services based on deficiencies identified by our assessment tools.
  • Low-cost pre-screening assessments and tests
  • IT skills tests
  • Comprehensive “Assessment Center” Evaluation, (also known as a Development Center). 

The Principal Contributors:

Profiles International, Inc. (PI) was established in 1991 in Texas, USA. It had amongst it stated objectives that of providing employers with current, valid and easy to use employment assessment instruments, so that they could make better use of their human capital resources. It operated initially in North America, where it now has tens of thousands of clients, both large and small. It is a world innovator and leader in the development and distribution of employment assessments. It operates in over 130 countries with locally validated assessments in over 30 languanges.

Since beginning operations in 1991, Profiles has developed a completely new set of employee assessment instruments, literally from the ground up…whilst making full use of prior research. Additional information on Profiles International may be found here.

Skills Testing – In 2002, People Dynamics took on a second affiliation for skills testing. Computer-based “skills” oriented testing nicely complements the psychometric assessments of People Dynamics. Literally hundreds of performance-based testing modules are available to our clients using either computer or internet delivery systems. Many product-specific IT skills test are included here! Additional information can be found here.

Pre-screening Testing – Since 2003, in order to accommodate the booming BPO industry and its need for low-cost but very high-volume pre-screening tools, People Dynamics has been developing a range of locally normed specialist insturments to cover all basic pre-screening needs. These include: cognitive, personality, skills, sales, and service assessments.

Our Services

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