MS Excel for Beginners

Now that we are embracing digitization, constantly updating and upgrading our capability to utilize digital tools and applications is a must. To make work easier, every professional whether in the rank-and-file, supervisory, managerial, or executive posts need to make use

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Technical Writing Boot Camp

Communicating technical information to a nontechnical audience can be challenging. Oftentimes, technical people are so passionate and close to their subjects that they lose sight of who will read what they have written and what their level of knowledge is.

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Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

In these times of uncertainty and disruptions, the organization’s level of agility and flexibility is crucial for business continuity. Agility enables work teams to pivot efficiently according to changing market demands. Flexibility allows the company to transition and embrace new

Train the Virtual Trainer: Capturing Training Excellence

In this period of physical-distancing regulations, the ability to sustain valuable connections has become a vital skill for trainers, teachers, speakers, and leaders. Facilitating learning despite the lack of visual cues from nonverbal behaviors and facial expressions has become a

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HR Boot Camp: Upskilling the Workforce for the New Normal

With the growing challenge of business recovery and sustainability efforts, the new normal HRs have to be agile HRs. It is important for HR practitioners to keep abreast of emerging trends in talent acquisition, talent development, and talent retention. Learn

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Coaching and Mentoring: Empowering Today’s Workplace

With physical-distancing regulations, companies have been forced to transition to remote work arrangements abruptly. When one is leading a virtual team, managing performance becomes a great challenge. Eliminate barriers to quality performance by enhancing your skills in online coaching and

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Psychological Test Development

This training focuses on the application of knowledge pertaining to the basics of psychological test development. Specifically, an overview of testing, its ethics, and the five general phases of test development will be tackled through interactive lectures and case presentations.

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