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Rapid Culture Change: The Bruce Lee Way Webinar

Rapid Culture Change: The Bruce Lee Way How to Transform Your Business in 3 Months or Less The Bruce Lee Way (BLW) is a simple methodology of rapidly improving the performance of any organization inspired by the life philosophy and


Leadership Excellence: Drawing out the Best from People

In today’s new normal, operational excellence depends greatly on highly performing autonomous teams. High-performing groups sustain team effectiveness through optimal leader-member relationships. Team collaboration in the new normal economy enables agility through flexibility and adaptability. This is essential in coping

₱799 – ₱3196

Technical Writing: Going beyond the Basics

Communicating technical information to a nontechnical audience can be challenging. Oftentimes, technical people are so passionate and close to their subject that they lose sight of who will read what they’ve written and what their level of knowledge is. This

₱799 – ₱3196

Business Continuity Planning: Toward a Crisis-Proof Business Model

In the year 2017, when someone asked you: “How do you see yourself three years from now?”, were you able to foresee yourself working from home? Did you see yourself managing virtual teams? Did you envision yourself encouraging employees to

₱1750 – ₱4000

Organization Diagnosis: Looking into Your Organizational Resilience

The transition to Industry 4.0 and the challenge to sustain businesses despite the global pandemic are both disruptive forces that require companies to reevaluate each of their critical organizational components. Learn and apply the relevant OD principles in assessing your

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DISC Online Certification

The concept of the 4-Factors (or DISC) Personality Model goes back 2,500 years but is as relevant as ever today as a "Know Thyself" training tool! This program will certify you in People Dynamics' DISC personality assessment: the DISC Personality

₱7450 – ₱22350

Organization Design: Shaping a Learning Organization

The capacity to satisfy the needs of the organization’s stakeholders is a key factor in business sustainability. In today’s era, wherein markets are constantly evolving, only companies who master the ability to effectively pivot maintain a viable market share. Learn

₱799 – ₱1799

Technical Writing: Going beyond the Basics

This course is once again sold out. If you had plans of joining but weren't able to register before we sold out, check out the third run of this course on September 25. Due to insistent public demand, we are

₱799 – ₱3196