Workshops (Public and In-house)
Incorporating the People Dynamics Advantage to your Training Programs

PDI offers a wide-range of training and development programs designed specifically to your company’s requirements. Rigid pre-training assessments are administered to determine the skill levels of employees and where enhancement thru training is needed. Post-training assessments will give you measurable ROI indicators.

Human Resources Heights Series
leadership success series
Personal Growth Series
Marketing and Sales Boost Series

Work-Life Balance

One’s busy lifestyle requires a balance between his or her personal and professional life. It becomes an important concern of the organization to help the workforce acquire skills in maintaining wellness while working under pressure. As one becomes effective in the workplace, it is desired that the time spent at home is also maximized, while minimizing the adverse effects of work pressure.

Managing Change

This seminar-workshop prepares the participants to deal with changes in the workplace. It provides a venue to express their experiences on change, their reactions/responses and strategies on how to deal with change. Moreover, it provides the participants on how an organization should manage change.

Anger Management

Anger is a universal experience. Dogs get angry, bees get angry, and so do humans. You don’t have to be a psychologist to know that managing anger productively is something few individuals, organizations, and societies do well. Yet research tells us that those who do manage their anger at work are much more successful than those who don’t.

Personal Financial Management

Every individual knows the value of managing his or her personal finances and importance of wise personal financial decisions. Each year, more and more Filipinos are experiencing financial difficulty due to poor financial planning and management of their hard earned money leading to bankruptcy and accumulation of credit card debts. This course provides participants with the know-how on how to manage their personal finances and the ability to make wise decisions for their current and long- term well-being. It enhances their financial skills that will enable them to confidently handle the challenges that they face daily financially.