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DISC Personality Profile (DPP)

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DISC Personality Profile (DPP) is an assessment designed to assess the primary personality type of a person. It is based on the 4-factor model of personality wherein there is a wealth of research and information dating back over many years.

The 4 “types” are also known as temperaments which when combined determine one’s unique personality. An understanding of this theory helps a person understand why they think, act, or feel the way they do. The four factors being assessed have many names, but are often known as D I S C (Dominant, Influencer, Steady, and Cautious or Compliant).

To be of real value to the test taker and the organization the assessment should be accompanied by a training program explaining the usage of the information.

Profiles Performance Indicator

The Profiles Performance Indicator (published by Profiles International) is a DISC personality assessment which project important job behaviors namely:

– productivity

– initiative

– quality of work

– teamwork

– problem solving

– adapting to change

– response to stress and conflict

– work motivation, and also

– motivational energy (or drive)

Again, to be of greatest value to the test taker and the organization, the assessment should be accompanied/followed with a training program.

Everthing DISC

This is the DISC assessment owned and distributed by The Wiley Group of Companies (who now own Profiles International). The reporting generated by this instrument has been very significantly augmented Wiley, so that now there are FIVE versions of the report:

the original or “classic” report

– workplace report

– sales report

– management report

– leadership report

Again, to be of greatest value to the test taker and the organization, the assessment should be followed with a training program. PDI has Wiley certified facilitators who can provide the different training programs developed for use with their different DISC reports.

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