HR CONSULTANCY SERVICES are a great help for any company seeking to correct or improve organizational structure, develop talent resources, and manage organizational changes to create an organization poised for success. People Dynamics, Inc. (PDI) helps you help your company to assess and analyze existing talents and current state of your organization. PDI will find the most effective structure for the company to accomplish its mission and vision within its core values. PDI has expanded its organizational development (OD) services to development of competency-based framework and model, job-descriptions and job evaluation. The key success factor is in matching persons to the correct job so that employees are better able to showcase their talents and are fully utilized. PDI ushers in a culture of competency and performance-based career pathing.

1) Competency OD Initiatives – will include any and all aspects of organizational improvement

  • Organizational Assessment – Current State Assessment, Workforce Analysis and Planning
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Competency-based Framework/Model
  • Staffing Design Organizational Structure and Staffing Pattern, Career Leveling, Competency-based Job-descriptions.
  • Strategic Action Planning

2) Organizational Change Management – preparing mindsets and behaviors to reorganization, creating a paradigm of focusing on the benefits of any organizational change.

3) Benchmarking Studies – do want to know how your fare against the industry’s best? You might be number one – don’t keep yourself guessing and know for sure. PDI can do a study of your company’s performance and processes versus best practices, analysis any gaps and recommend strategic actions directed to filling those gaps.

4) Courseware Development – there are literally hundreds of off-the-shelf learning and development (L&D) tools in the market today but sometimes the needs of your company are so specialized that generic workshops just won’t do. PDI can develop modules and full courseware for you after holding an in-depth training needs analysis.


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