Sales Tips: People Buy People First

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When you meet someone new, for whatever purpose, what do you first do? The tendency is that you try to find some information about this person. You either look for them online or you ask people who might know this person. And once you've gotten information about this person, your trust or doubt for them solidifies, right? [...]

Tips for Pre-Employment Screening

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Finding the perfect candidate for your company's job opening is hard. And once you've found that candidate after a lot of screening, you wouldn't want to regret your decision. So before you give that job offer, here are some pre-employment screening tips for you! Tips for Pre-Employment Screening Go Online Rarely do people have no presence online. [...]

Great Strategies for Employee Retention

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You've done a great job with your hiring. Good! Now, what's next is to make sure that your hire stays in your company. Employee retention is as important as employee hiring. See the list below for some great strategies for employee retention! Great Strategies for Employee Retention Benefits Although salary is important for an employee, that's [...]

How to Stay Productive Despite Traffic

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Ah, traffic. As Filipinos, we are well-versed with it. EDSA? Ayala? Taft? Are you already feeling the horror just by imagining what these roads will look like during rush hour, whether in the morning or evening? During the peak of traffic in the evening, 80% of Filipinos spend an average of 2 hours before getting home. [...]