Profiles Career Keys assessment (PCK)

This is the most sophisticated career planning tool available in the country at this time, with locally normed/engineered assessments based on tens of thousands of respondents!

The PCK involves three major assessments each measuring six dimensions. These are:

Career Ability Profiler

  • verbal ability and reasoning
  • numerical reasoning
  • spatial reasoning
  • numerical ability

Eye for detail:

  • clerical perception
  • form perception

The first three sub-tests above are “power” tests, while the remaining three are speed tests.

Career Interest Profiler

  • realistic (Doers)
  • investigative (Thinkers)
  • artistic (Creators)
  • social (Helpers)
  • enterprising (Persuaders)
  • conventional (Organizers)

Work Importance Profiler

  • Achievement
  • Independence
  • Recognition
  • Relationships
  • Support
  • Working Conditions

The complete assessment battery takes 90-120 minutes to complete online.

The measured traits are then matched against the job profiles found in the ONET database to determine where the candidate is most likely to find job success. If taken in Senior High School or first year college, the report then goes on to suggest which college courses would be best suited in order to achieve the selected career.

It is often conducted online and if so, reports are immediately available to both the test-taker and to the guidance counselor.


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