SURVEYS are useful for all companies to gather and record important data and useful information to examine general opinion or behavior of their various stakeholders by asking relevant questions.  People Dynamics, Inc. offers technical assistance to:

  • Create strategically planned and structured purpose-specific questions
  • Objectively gather subjective information
    • By providing infrastructure for online data gathering
    • Through focused group discussions (FGDs)
    • Through face-to-face interviews
  • Analyze recorded opinions and behaviors.

With its in-house statisticians and pool of professional consultants, we will be able to investigate, give meaningful conclusions and offer valuable recommendations to facilitate an unbiased decision-making process for your company.

Engagement Surveys

Uncover real motivation tools to increase performance, productivity and help employees to propel themselves to success which translates to success for any business unit

Satisfaction Surveys

the best way to stay ahead is to keep stakeholders happy, check the service delivery, customer experience and over-all level of satisfaction of your stakeholders.

Salary Surveys

find out how your existing compensation scheme fares against the market or the industry, know the median salary paid to employees from several employers.

Climate Surveys

boost your learning and development plan by assessing current behaviors and attitudes of staff, management and all individual contributors in the company.


how are you perceived by your stakeholders, get answers better than what the grapevine can offer.

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