The Future of Coaching

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Just like how almost everything in the business landscape of today changes, the demands for learning and development also changes. The 2018 trends for learning and development suggest a lot of involvement of technology. Coaching, a powerful learning, and development tool will not be left behind. Here are the trends you need to watch out to [...]

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Learning and Development Trends for 2018

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Nowadays, everything is all about speed. It's all about how fast can a service or a good be delivered to you. And with the continuous progress of technology, most aspects both in business and in life are struggling to keep up. Learners, too, have changed—they have different skills and they need a different set of skills. [...]

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The Big Event: The Grand Products Launch

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Our Big Event: The Grand Products Launch was finally held! The HR practitioners and leaders from various organizations who attended the event made it successful. Thanks to all of you! There were also talks about relevant human resources topics. Such as "Leadership, Disruption, Big Data" by Dr. Raul Rodriguez, a leadership expert and IT consultant, and [...]

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Ways to increase your creativity

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Ken Robinson said, "Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it's produced the most extraordinary results in human culture." The things that we experience now are the results of someone's creativity. Unfortunately, creativity is not constant. It's like a muscle that must be continuously exercised to make it stronger. At the same time, lack of [...]

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