The Soft Skills You Need To Boost Your Career

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Different jobs require different skills. Aside from technical skills, there's something that employers and your bosses want and look for in you: soft skills. And with the rapid development of technology making it possible for artificial intelligence to replace some of the technical jobs in the market, the need for soft skills is steadily growing. The [...]

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The Importance of Getting Certified

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There are three important components to consider in talent selection: knowledge, skills, and competencies. Competencies are getting more and more important in assessing a talent, may it be for hiring or for promotion. This is where certifications come in.  Certification gives recognition of competency, shows commitment to the profession, and helps with job advancement. What is [...]

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How Health Affects Work and Work Affects Health

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There are only 24 hours a day. And in that 24 hours, a minimum of 8 hours is spent at work. Adding the extra work hours and travel time, more than half of the day is spent outside of our homes. The stress that these times may bring to our body can cause detrimental effects on [...]

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Learning and Development in the Philippines

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In being true assets of a company, employees should be valued well for they deserve something in return for their hard work and loyalty. While money could be one motivating factor, there’s nothing more fulfilling if you prepare your employees not only for their current roles but also for future career opportunities. Employee development is known [...]