Body Language Signs: From Common to Spotting Lies

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This guest post is written by Daisy Hartwell, a writer and blogger.  In terms of communicating with other people, it’s not only words that bear great power and influence. It’s also the way our body behaves when we talk. Otherwise known as body language, this behavior usually accompanies our speech and makes it more expressive. Gestures, [...]

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Tips on Mastering the Art of Body Language

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Last week, we discussed how in sales, people buy people first, emphasizing on how a customer's trust in the salesperson may close or lose the deal. But, trust is not just because of a person's words. This is where body language or non-verbal communication comes in. When you communicate or connect with a person, you have [...]

5 Business Writing Tips for Professionals

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Who would want to read a writing, clearly intended for business, that just feels wrong? Maybe it was too casual, losing the formality needed for business dealings. Or maybe it's too lengthy that it feels like the point is lost. Business writing is important to communicate clearly with who you're dealing with and to express what you [...]

7 Tips to Sharpen Your Communication Skills

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For the past years, the way we communicate has virtually no boundaries, especially in the business world. Employees in today’s workforce can make sales, troubleshoot, advise, and conduct nearly any business transaction from any place—to anywhere in the world. According to this infographic, 97 percent of surveyed employees believe communications impact daily tasks, and 95% plan to [...]