Our 7 Unique Differentiators


  1. Job matching and performance modeling enables rapid customization for each client organization
  2. Full breadth of assessment instruments on a single platform
  3. Positive user and candidate experience
  4. Multi-language and in-country validation
  5. Significant investment in client services to help drive success
  6. Unlimited-use contract pricing offers client convenience and utility
  7. Distribution to small and large organizations through our Strategic Business Partners worldwide

Profiles works with clients across the employee life cycle to enhance the productivity and performance of individuals, teams, and organizations. Our solutions can help clients screen-out unsuitable candidates, match others with jobs that fit their inherent capabilities, understand strengths and limitations for successful on-boarding, and identify opportunities to enhance performance and maximize their long-term contribution to the organization.

We are committed to the highest degree of ethics, integrity and client success. We do this through continued investment in scientic research and development, product innovation, and client services. Over the past 20 years, we have served over 40,000 clients in over 120 countries and 30 languages.

Utilize All Of Your Resources

Interview – 14%
Background Checks & Intergity Testing (SOS) – 26%
Personality Testing – 38%
Ability Testing – 54%
Interest Testing – 66%

Assessments are the only way to really know and understand people
“The appropriate use of professionally developed assessment tools on average enables organizations to make more eeffective employment-related decisions than the use of simple observation or random decision making.”
US Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration

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Job Matching

An individual’s core competencies are determined by two groups of factors:

1. Skills, Knowledge, and Technical Qualifications;
2. Behavioral Characteristics, Personality Attributes, and Individual Aptitudes and Interests.

Although traditional hiring has focused primarily on evaluating a candidate’s skills and technical qualifications, a competency-based approach includes an analysis of a candidate’s behavioral characteristics as well. Competency-based hiring is grounded in the identification of core competencies required for success in the position and the subsequent evaluation of each candidate’s demonstration of those competencies in their past experiences.

Benefits of Job Matching

  • Minimize hiring mistakes
  • Identify strengths and limitations
  • Targets developmental needs
  • Improves job satisfaction and productivity
  • Reduce conflict and absenteeism

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Succession Planning

Your employees must be able to perform at their full potential in order to stay ahead of the competition. Hence your managers need tools and information to get the most from their people.

How can you plan for success?

  • Uncover the individual’s inherent capabilities;
  • Put the person in a job that builds on his or her strengths;
  • Provide targeted developmental opportunities;
  • Help front-line managers coach and motivate!

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Building Dynamic Teams

Building an effective, high-performing team requires more than simply throwing a group of outstanding individuals into a room and telling them they can`t come out until they have a solution. Maintaining an effective team requires planning, communication, and decision-making. Assess individual strengths and weaknesses, build support, establish the conditions for effectiveness, agree on your goals and you`re on the road to building a championship caliber team.

Benefits of High-Performing Workforce Teams

  • Reduce conflict and minimize failure
  • Improve productivity and performance
  • Deliver results on time and on budget
  • Boost workforce engagement, morale and commitment

Click here for a list of our assessment tools and here for a list of our training programs!