Find the Right Candidate for the Right Job with Jobmatch

People Dynamics, Inc. (PDI) utilizes a system called “Power Hiring,” which works closely with clients to enable us to find, or “hit,” the target candidate the first time!

Jobmatch is a multi-dimensional activity.

  1. Utilize our highly reliable assessment tools to identify hard and soft skills of applicants.
  2. PDI can teach (and conduct if requested) structured performance-based behavioral interviews techniques, using interview guide questionnaires generated from the assessment reports.
  3. On occasions we even perform employment and background checks!

NB: All assessments utilized by PDI exceed industry standards of reliability.

Don’t spend precious time and resources screening 10 job applicants when you only need one

Your human resources department doesn’t need to spend valuable resources screening out multiple applicants just to find one. With Jobmatch, you can skip the tedious screening process and be assured of the quality and suitability of your final candidates. That way, your HR team can focus on the talent management strategy and leave the details to us.

The PROFILES 3S Jobmatch (Sourcing, Screening & Suitability Check) Makes the Difference

Our Jobmatch tools focus on understanding and objectively measuring the core competencies, behaviors and interests of top performers to ensure that we put the right person in the right job, right from the start.


Before you utilize ANY assessment product it is necessary to undertake a “benchmarking” activity (sometimes called performance modeling or success profiling). This activity is JOB SPECIFIC, and should be undertaken for EACH position for which the assessment is to be applied. Your dedicated PDI client support staff will assist you in the very straightforward process.