4 Common Conflict Management Mistakes

Relationship experts sometimes encourage couples to fight. Some topics need to be argued out and fights can actually strengthen a relationship. Your organization will also face conflict. Anytime a group of people come together, there will be some level of differing in opinions.

Diversity is essential to building a successful team, which […]

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Emotional Intelligence: Heartcounts or Headcounts?

Written by: Ruby Mañalac
Director: Distributor Networks

Last November 15-16,2016 could have been any ordinary working days. For some of us it was the official GENOS Emotional Intelligence Certification event. Needless to say, our hearts were touched, we were moved and it turned our world around. Well, from our speakers’ point of view, […]

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Employee Engagement: Key to Employee Performance

Have you ever wondered about the differences between individuals who always seem to have a reason that something cannot be done, and those who seem to find a way to get even the most difficult of tasks accomplished? Today, researchers and students of organizational behavior characterize this kind of comportment as “employee engagement.”
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