Customer Service Issues: Running Like a Call Center

To some extent, most businesses function as customer service call centers. Where else will customers go for service when face-to-face contact is not feasible?

The success or failure of customer service delivery in any-sized organization depends on people. All of the information technology and all of the rigorous procedures in the world […]

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Who Manages Change?

Challenges in a business can often be divided into two major categories: Systems challenges, and People challenges. Similarly, the same two concepts may be used to divide organizational change into two broad types. If, ultimately, most systems challenges (or changes) can be traced to people challenges (changes), an interesting question must be considered: […]

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Hiring Decisions: Top Employees or Top Candidates?

Peter Drucker has said, “Executives spend more time on managing people and people decisions than on anything else, and they should. No other decisions are so long- lasting in their consequences or so difficult to unmake and yet, by and large, executives make poor promotion and staffing decisions. By all accounts, their batting […]

How to Find Future Leaders

As businesses grow and develop over time, inevitable change reduces the ranks of proven leaders; they leave, retire, are struck randomly by lightning. One way or another, a certainty of business is that you will find yourself replacing leaders. What is your plan for replacing them and insuring replacements are good enough to […]

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3 Tips for Managing Millennials

With the workforce landscape transformation comes a tidal wave of twenty-somethings, looking to make an impact and build a legacy unique to their parents. During 2014, there are 79 million millennials in the U.S. compared to 48 million Gen-Xers—and still growing—making them the largest generation on the planet today, according to a blog […]

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The Importance of Routines

Daily routines help you organize your tasks efficiently to get the most done in the least amount of time. Although it may seem tedious to set a routine and stick to it (whether it’s a morning routine with toothbrushes involved or a work routine with a strict schedule), there are great benefits to sticking with […]

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Tripartite Agreement for MSME Development

The Local Government of Quezon City through its Sikap Buhay Office has enlisted the help of the Institute of Management Consultants of the Philippines, Inc. and Rotary International District 3780 to enhance the management competence of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises operating in the city. Signing the Memorandum of Agreement, are (from L […]

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7 Tips to Sharpen Your Communication Skills

For the past years, the way we communicate has virtually no boundaries, especially in the business world. Employees in today’s workforce can make sales, troubleshoot, advise, and conduct nearly any business transaction from any place—to anywhere in the world. According to this infographic, 97 percent of surveyed employees believe communications impact daily tasks, and […]

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Tips to Manage Employees with Bad Attitude

Do you know an office grumpy? You know, the employee who walks in to work with a negative or demeaning attitude. It’s no surprise that bad attitude is unhealthy in the workplace. The more negative employees are at work, the less productive and valuable they are for the organization. That’s why knowing how […]

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Happy Holidays!

This greeting may be a little late for Christmas, but there’s still some time left before we say goodbye to 2016. Holidays are not just for receiving presents, but also for giving back the love that we received.

We hope that you’re enjoying your holidays and welcome the new year with smile on […]

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