Humanizing the Digital Era

In this era where everything is almost digital, we’re struggling to keep up. It’s rare to see someone without their mobile phones with them or someone who is not connected to the internet. It’s sad to see that even with all these advancements in our technology, which is supposedly helping the world be […]

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Ways to Make Better Decisions

We run over many decisions every day. Sometimes quick for simple things like what to wear to work or what to eat for lunch, and sometimes, they require a lot of time and consideration before taking action. Whether consciously or unconsciously, decisions are a part of our daily lives. How could you make […]

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10 Best Employee Engagement Quotes

Employee engagement is the key to employee performance. Engaged employees almost always outperform disengaged employees. Their skills and talents are surpassed by their commitment to the organization, its mission, and the roles they play in achieving that mission. Let’s hear what leaders have to say about employee engagement!

Employee Engagement Quotes by Leaders
“Highly engaged employees make […]

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Ways to Prevent Employee Burnout

Something unusual is happening. Your star employee is becoming irritable, late for work, and unproductive. Another employee who usually completes work on time starts to turn in his reports late, and with a lot of errors. A manager decides to file an indefinite leave because “he’s had it”. Watch out: these may be […]

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5 Reasons to Invest in Employee Development

Gone are the days where companies just offer the “job” itself, and leave the employees alone. Employee development is one of the top three non-financial motivators, and 76 percent of employees want opportunities for career growth, according to a blog post by Corbett. Sometimes, employee development is sacrificed for other business opportunities, but […]

Employee Turnover: Stop Losing Your Memory

Have you fully considered what happens when you lose an employee (which will lead to employee turnover), particularly one who has been with you an extended period of time?

A chunk of your business leaves with the ex-employee. Let me explain.

The ex-employee has knowledge about how things are done, where […]

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Validation Workshop Feb. 7-8, 2017

To further achieve the objectives of hiring high performing, competent, and credible civil servants, part of the development outcome are the improved HR systems through review of relevant policies and standards, and models of competency-based HR systems and application. Not just private companies need a more competent workforce, but also for public servants. […]

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Does Your (Hiring) Elevator Go to the Top?

Think of the hiring process as an elevator ride, and your manager as the elevator operator. Job candidates are people trying to squeeze into your elevator. The load of all these passengers puts a strain on the elevator and your manager who must also attend to other pressing issues.

The Hiring Elevator Process

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Why Job Interviews are Often Misleading

Studies show that job interviews to evaluate a candidate is only 14 percent effective in determining “job fit.” On a nice day, it would be just as effective and more enjoyable to sit on a park bench and hire every seventh person who walks by!

The steps of hiring and firing employees are […]

Recruiting Applicants in a Competitive Market

Recruiters, owners, hiring managers — how often have you tried to explain away an unsuccessful hire with “We had to fill the opening and we just didn’t have enough good applicants?”

If the answer is, “More than once!” you owe it to yourself and your company to get ahead of your hiring […]