Tips on Pre-Employment Screening

Finding the perfect candidate for your company’s job opening is hard. And once you’ve found that candidate after a lot of screening, you wouldn’t want to regret your decision.

So before you give that job offer, here are some pre-employment screening tips for you!

Tips for Pre-Employment Screening
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Rarely do people have […]

Common Job Interview Questions (and How to Answer Them)

When looking for a job, job interviews are inevitable, especially for fresh graduates who, most likely, will experience it for the first time. These interviews are mostly nerve-wracking, the fear of answering something wrong thick, and failure to impress your future employer could be the reason you get rejected for the […]

Does Your (Hiring) Elevator Go to the Top?

Think of the hiring process as an elevator ride, and your manager as the elevator operator. Job candidates are people trying to squeeze into your elevator. The load of all these passengers puts a strain on the elevator and your manager who must also attend to other pressing issues.

The Hiring Elevator Process

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Why Job Interviews are Often Misleading

Studies show that job interviews to evaluate a candidate is only 14 percent effective in determining “job fit.” On a nice day, it would be just as effective and more enjoyable to sit on a park bench and hire every seventh person who walks by!

The steps of hiring and firing employees are […]

Recruiting Applicants in a Competitive Market

Recruiters, owners, hiring managers — how often have you tried to explain away an unsuccessful hire with “We had to fill the opening and we just didn’t have enough good applicants?”

If the answer is, “More than once!” you owe it to yourself and your company to get ahead of your hiring […]

Hiring Decisions: Top Employees or Top Candidates?

Peter Drucker has said, “Executives spend more time on managing people and people decisions than on anything else, and they should. No other decisions are so long- lasting in their consequences or so difficult to unmake and yet, by and large, executives make poor promotion and staffing decisions. By all accounts, their batting […]