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Questions to Consider in Shaping a Change Program

The only constant in life is change—it is inevitable. No one is invincible to change, and as much as the organization you belong to functions well with the existing policies and procedures, it will not be forever. Change doesn’t necessarily mean that everything will be turned upside down–it can be just the small […]

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Why Do We Make Bad Decisions?

Everyone makes mistakes. As much as we’d like to be, we’re not perfect. There will always be times that we could only hope that we did the right thing. At the same time, we all make bad decisions — decisions that we thought were right during that time but delivered only disappointment and […]

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Mastering the Art of Body Language

Last week, we discussed how in sales, people buy people first, emphasizing on how a customer’s trust in the salesperson may close or lose the deal. But, trust is not just because of a person’s words. This is where body language or non-verbal communication comes in.

When you communicate or connect with […]

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Sales Tips: People Buy People First

When you meet someone new, for whatever purpose, what do you first do? The tendency is that you try to find some information about this person. You either look for them online or you ask people who might know this person. And once you’ve gotten information about this person, your trust or doubt for […]

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Tips on Pre-Employment Screening

Finding the perfect candidate for your company’s job opening is hard. And once you’ve found that candidate after a lot of screening, you wouldn’t want to regret your decision.

So before you give that job offer, here are some pre-employment screening tips for you!

Tips for Pre-Employment Screening
Go Online

Rarely do people have […]

Great Strategies for Employee Retention

You’ve done a great job with your hiring. Good! Now, what’s next is to make sure that your hire stays in your company. Employee retention is as important as employee hiring. See the list below for some great strategies for employee retention!

Great Strategies for Employee Retention

Although salary is important for an […]

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How to Stay Productive Despite Traffic

Ah, traffic. As a Filipino, we are well-versed with it. EDSA? Ayala? Taft? Are you already feeling the horror just by imagining what these roads will look like during rush hour, whether in the morning or evening? During the peak of traffic in the evening, 80% of Filipinos spend an average of 2 […]

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Importance of Emotional Intelligence to Success

We already often hear about IQ or Intelligence Quotient when talking about a person’s capability. But according to some experts, there is another type of intelligence that is, if not equally relevant, is more important than IQ with regards to success, and that is Emotional Intelligence. As the years pass, numerous advances with the digital […]

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5 Business Writing Tips for Professionals

Who would want to read a writing, clearly intended for business, that just feels wrong? Maybe it was too casual, losing the formality needed for business dealings. Or maybe it’s too lengthy that it feels like the point is lost. Business writing is important to communicate clearly with who you’re dealing with and to […]

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Ways to Handle Conflict in the Workplace

In a group of people working together with varying personalities and opinion, sooner or later, a conflict will arise. These may be because the persons involved see the situation differently, or because they can’t agree. There are many reasons why issues occur.  But this is not necessarily bad; conflict can be productive—when handled properly!

Ways […]

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