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Success Stories from Clients


“Hi! This is Francoise Olivan. I was once a candidate for supervisory position of People Dynamics to one of the biggest on-line retail store in the Philippines. After a year, I’m now a Manager and I’ve been always grateful to People Dynamics for the successful career that I have. Thank you Cherrie for all your support and assistance. (You still owe me a treat for Starbucks though…=). “
Francoise F. Olivan, Outbound Manager – Logistics Lazada Philippines
“Right from the beginning, People Dynamics impressed me with their efficient, well organized and professional organization –an approach that does not only give inspiration and confidence, but likewise guarantee the results we are looking for. Because of its years of existence, truly your prestigious Company provides a consistent and meaningful contribution in building our nation.”
Andrew Josol, General Manager for Manpower Services Mak Holdings, Inc.
“I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for your professional personnel and management team who handles my placement herein LCC Group of Companies in Bicol region. I commend the effort of Ms. Kresta Mannag for my immediate placement here sometime last January 2013 as an Area Operations Manager for Camsur & Camnorte for Properties Management Division of LCC. I wish all the best and more business opportunities to PDI and best of luck to Ms. Kresta Mannag for an excellent attitude and professionalism towards her working discipline. GODBLESS PDI Team!”
Darren Santamena, PM Consultant – Camsur & Camnorte LCC Group of Companies

How We Differ


People Dynamics matches clients with the ideal assessments and recruiting system for their company’s situation and budget. We pride ourselves on helping you discover your best candidates effectively. People Dynamics can also manage the full-recruitment process, utilizing our assessments so your “short-list” comes to you fully assessed and ready for your final approval.